Our bodies are 65% water. We drink it, wash our food with it and bathe in it. We really need it to be pristine. We are lucky; we get it free from the sky, but by the time it reaches our taps, it has already picked up many pollutants. The microbiological quality of roof collected rainwater on Waiheke is usually poor.

Pathogens commonly found include E. Coli, Salmonella, Cryptosporidium, Giardia and Campylobactor - all potentially harmful to human health. Fortunately all the contaminants that infect roof water can be successfully treated with modern filtration and disinfection.
Let us show you how...

Tank Basket and Leaf Catchers

Tank Basket and Leaf Catchers

Good quality rain water starts when it hits the roof. It's important to minimise the amount of organic matter that gets in your tank.

First Flush Diverters

These work by diverting the first load of water, which is the most contaminated after a period without rainfall, away from your water tank.


Ozone destroys bacteria, mould, eliminates spores, and deactivates viruses and cysts. It also removes most odours and unpleasant tastes commonly found in roof water supplies.
We can correctly size and install an ozonator for your tank water.

Ultra Violet (U.V)

Ultra Violet is another way of sanitising roof water without addition of nasty chemicals. We have very cost efficient whole house U.V packages.


Sediment needs to be removed from the water before it can be effectively treated by U.V. Even if you don't have a U.V, basic filtration should be installed to protect the ceramic cartridges in modern tap ware and is a prerequisite for any tapware warranty claim.

High-flow Carbon Filtration

Carbon takes out colour and odour from water. If you are having problems with Pohutukawa or Kanuka tainting your tank water you will want one of these.

Bore Water

It's great to have the backup of a bore on Waiheke for those long dry summers, however unless you are just using it for watering the garden, the water will need to be treated. Bore water on Waiheke is usually high in Iron, has hardness issues and often salt water intrusion. Fluid Plumbing specializes in the treatment of Bore water. It starts with a chemical analysis of the water then with expert help, we design and install a system to address these issues.

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